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Here you can find details of the many things which tourists usually find interesting when visiting Beijing. It may come as a big suprise to a lot of people, but Beijing actually has a lot to offer, especially if you are partial to oriental history and culture.

Main Tourist Attractions

These are the major things that you must try to go see during your travel to Beijing.

Tiananmen Square

Probably the most famous place in Beijing, if not China.  This is a must see ...    Full details ...

Great Wall

Another must see China tourist attraction, the Great Wall is accessable from many cities in China.  Beijing has at least 3 pieces within day trip's reach, one of which has been fully restored to its former glory ... Full details ...

Forbidden City

The ancient Emperor of China's housing complex.  Very popular with those interested in Chinese history.  Another must see ... Full details ...

Summer Palace

The ancient Emperor of China's little home away from home used to get away from it all.  Spectacularly beautiful and traditional Chinese landscape practically right in the city ... Full details ...

Temple of Heaven

Southern temple and parklands.  Over 1000 species of trees ... Full details ...

Other Attractions

Beijing Zoo

Although mainly famous for its Pandas, the zoo is actually stocked with an extensive selection of animals...    Full details ...

Wangfujing Street

The traditional center of Beijing, Wangfujing was renovated and made a pedestrian-only zone in 2000 and since then has become the neon heart of Beijing. Shopping, neon lights, and the bustling atmosphere... Full details ...

CCTV Tower

If you like to visit tall buildings like us, Beijing's TV tower is a nice excursion.  You can sightsee from the top or have a meal in the basic Chinese restaurant... Full details ...




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