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Here are some things to see which make Beijing what it is.  These are not the things people traditionally come looking to see in Beijing.  If you want those things, check out our Tourist Trail section.  These sights are the Beijing  experience, ... the things that will define your impressions of Beijing and sometimes China in general.  This list is an extensive work in progress but items will only be added as we get pictures for them.  See how many you can see on your visit.  Check back regularly for updates.

Easy sights (you will surely see these)

Lots and lots of bicycles

Beijing is the bicycle capital of the world.  At least, at the time of writing.  The bike remains a major mode of transport for most Beijing residents ... More...

Apartment living

The style of Beijing housing appears dated to the western eye, but residents in Beijing treasure their community atmosphere.  These buildings make look a little ugly from the outside, but they are what 95% of people call home ... More...

Newspaper billboards

All around the city of Beijing, you will often find small crowds of people gathered around the base of advertising billboards,  and its not to look at the product being advertised ... More...

Black hair and black eyes

If you're a traditional looking western tourist, Asia is a place where you will stick out.  No blond, brown, red, ginger, or other hair color unless its dyed.  No blue, green, hazel, eyes unless they're contacts.  You will quickly realize why you look different ... More...

Bike-locked doors

Haven't you always found it frustrating in the western, civilized world when you run into a store's glass doors and find that they are locked at the top and bottom and the store is in fact closed.  Here in Beijing, not a problem ... More...

New building construction

Not just the preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games, but an attempt to foresee and outpace the capital's transformation into one of the most important cities in the world.  Put on your face masks, its going to get dusty ... More...

Anti-road crossing barriers

Crossing the road used to be easy but now your options are becoming severely limited as the public are trained to understand what a "green man" means ... More...

Crazy English

People living in the western world take "more or less" correct English for granted. In Beijing you may be surprised at what you can come across ... More...



Probable sights (you might notice these)

Tea jar

Enabling the Beijing masses to work all day.  The accessory no employee should be without.  It says as more about you than a western coffee cup ever could ... More...


Table sleepers (new)

Sometimes you might be forgiven for thinking that Beijing is under some biological terror attack.  People seem to be "laid out" on desks all around you ...  More...


Inflatable arch

Want to promote your festival ?  the opening to your new store ? ... the birth of your latest kittens ?   nothing pumps up the action and pulls in the crowds like a giant inflatable arch ... More...


Gallery girls / boys (new)

You will have no shortage of new friends when you walk around Beijing looking like a tourist.  Most have something to sell, but not all.  If you're looking to buy a Chinese traditional painting you should have no trouble finding a store ... More...


Bridal show

Every young couple in Beijing wants a fancy white wedding and the same style extremely fake looking bridal photograph to go with it ... More...


Pavement/sidewalk driving

Cars, drive on the road, people walk on the sidewalks right ? ... not in Beijing ... More...


Background music fiasco

Do you consider yourself a music lover ? pride yourself on your vast, eclectic CD collection of the masters ? ... well you may want to prepare your ears for what awaits them in Beijing's public spaces ...  More...


Big thermos flask

Everyone's going camping in Beijing, ... or so it seems.  The "giant" thermos flask is part of everyday life for many Beijing residents ...  More...


Bus pass line / queue

If you are greeted by unexpected lines at the fast food restaurants, it can only mean its "that" time of the month ...  More...




Sights to miss (you probably wish you didn't see these)


Pants slit

Small children with torn trousers ?  some back-door ventilation ?  Just what is this exotic fashion statement. The phenomenon of the missing pants parts explained ...  More...


Squat toilet

Who stole the toilet ? Unfortunately your chances of seeing this sight are near 100%.  Western visitors are unlikely to get used to the Chinese toilet experience very quickly ...  More...


Rodent buffet

In the dark alleyways of Beijing you might stumble across a little box of goodies left out for smaller residents ... not with hospitality in mind ...  More...




Check back later ... many, many more to follow.


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