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Shopping - Xiu Shui Market / Silk Street   (last updated 4/23/05)

The Xiu Shui market reopened for business in its shiny new 5 storey shopping mall on March 19th 2005 (or thereabouts) replacing the infamous original outdoor Xiu Shui market.  In doing so, it has become the inner city's one stop tourist shopping paradise.  It's name is now written in English across the entrance as simply "Silk Street".

Apart from the almost real-looking designer wear which was present at the old market, you can now enjoy shopping for a wealth of traditional Chinese knick knacks to bring home for your family.  If you don't have too much time for shopping in Beijing, this could be the only place you need to visit.

In this new market, the store assistants are much better trained in both customer service and language skills, most sporting a bright red jacket with the Xiu Shui logo on it and an official looking ID badge.  Their English often goes way beyond the old days of "cheaper ...", "your price ...".  But the numbers are still often typed out on a calculator to be clear and to avoid other customers hearing how much you paid.

Bargaining is still essential here so be sure to check out our Guide to Bargaining in Beijing before you venture out here in order to get the best prices.  Fake goods might still also be found here despite the government making efforts to stamp it out across the city.

Items which you can find in this market include:  Shoes, Jeans, Trousers, Jackets, Shirts, Chinese Souvenirs,  Chinese Rugs/Carpets, Golf Equipment, Pearls, Watches, Sunglasses, Silk by the roll, Chinese Paintings, Small Electronics and many other things.  It also has a small supermarket in the basement.  Prices are generally very reasonable here compared to your home country and if you are a skilled bargainer, you might be able to get things ridiculously cheap.

The Xiu Shui street mall is located along Chang An avenue near the Yong An Li (120) line 1 subway station.   You can now walk directly from the subway into the mall via an underground passageway without stepping outside into the scorching heat of summer or the terrible cold of winter.  Alternatively you can take a taxi using the Chinese name shown below.  Print and hand to your taxi driver. 





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