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Sanlitun Entertainment Areas   (last updated 3/10/05)

What used to be a small street with bars has turned into a wide area of bars and other entertainment.  Sanlitun continues to be popular with foreign expats and tourists alike along with a whole crowd of Chinese affluent trendy people who either come to mix with them or just to look cool and relax.   These days Sanlitun can be divided into the following regions.

Sanlitun North Area

This is the area is where it all started and now consists of not just one street of small bars, but an extensive network of streets embedded through an old housing complex.  Here you will find such names as Poachers, Boys & Girls, Lan Gui Fang, Milan Club,  The Tree, Public Space - Vogue ... just to name a few.  To see the full list of bars and locations please check out our detailed map.

Sanlitun West Area - Workers Stadium

To the west of bar street you will find the workers stadium.  Its a full 10 minutes brisk walk.  Around the gate of the stadium and in the streets opposite you will find a few other noteable bars, restaurants and entertainment facilities.  Here you can find places like Vics, Mix, Outback Steakhouse, Alfa, Lava Lounge ... just to name a few.  To see the full list of facilities and locations please check out our detailed map.

Sanlitun South Area

This area has been completely demolished.  If you want to know what happened to Durty Nellie's, Hidden Tree, or Minder's read more about it here ...

Sanlitun Central Area

At first glance this part seems to have nothing much, just a sprawling business district with hotels and shopping malls.  There is however, much to be seen here.  Opposite the Great Dragon Hotel you can find a small line of notable bars, including the Power House, and hidden behind the Comfort Inn is one of the most famous and popular discos in Beijing, Rock & Roll, together with the Loft.  On the way to the workers stadium near the City Hotel is another group of bars including the Den (disco and bar) which continues to be popular with foreign expats and tourists.  As usual, for the full list and locations please check out our detailed map.

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