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Originally we weren't intending to do a hotel section on this site but we've received so many requests for hotel information we've had to give in and recommend a few hotels.  For your convenience you can also book some of these hotels online.  We will continue to work on the ultimate hotel section as time goes on.

Best Hotels in Beijing

If money is no object, we recommend you stay at one of the following hotels.  You won't be disappointed, and if you are, write and tell us about it.

China World (Shangri La)

This hotel was always one of the best hotels in Beijing and has recently undergone a complete refurbishment.  Excellent example of Chinese style with a service level you would expect to find anywhere in the world.  (make reservation ...)

Convenient for:  Guomao World Trade Center, Guomao Subway Station

Grand Hyatt

A fairly new hotel constructed to be the centerpiece of the Wangfujing Oriental Plaza complex.  Fantastic location, and with everything you would expect from a Hyatt.  (make reservation ...)

Convenient for: Oriental Plaza, Wangfujing Street, Wangfujing Subway Station

Great Wall Sheraton

This hotel is in the north east corner of Beijing which has always come to be regarded as an expatriate entertainment and residence center.  This hotel was one of the first luxury hotels and everything about it says class. (make reservation ...)

Convenient for:  Lufthansa Shopping Centre, Hard Rock Cafe, Beijing International Exhibition Centers

Kerry Center Hotel

The Kerry Centre is definitely more geared to the modern business traveler.  The rooms are spacious, functional and have outstanding facilities.  The Kerry Centre Hotel fitness centre is undoubtedly the best of any hotel in Beijing. (make reservation ...)

Convenient for:  Guomao World Trade Center, Kerry Center.

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel tries hard to be one of the most upscale places in the city with its lobby full of designer label stores and elegant decor.  The prices are also pretty outrageous.  If you want to give the impression that money is no object, then look no further.  (make reservation ...)

Convenient for:  Wangfujing Street

Mid-range Hotels in Beijing

If your budget can't quite stretch to the above hotels, we suggest you next consider the following slightly less expensive Beijing hotels.  We have chosen these hotels based on location rather than value or service.  As soon as you leave the 5 star range the service degrades considerably. 

Novotel Peace Hotel

This is a mid range hotel right in the centre of Beijing.  The restaurants are excellent and it carries the Novotel brand.  It does have many rooms in differing parts of the hotel and you would be well advised to check out a few rooms before accepting.  (make reservation ...)

Convenient for:  Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing Grand Hotel

Towards the north end of Wangfujing Street lies this large fairly Chinese style hotel.  The location is quite good as its a 10 minute walk to the main shopping area of Wangfujing.  The rooms here are large (superior) and the breakfast buffet great. (make reservation ...)

Convenient for:  Wangfujing Street

Taiwan Hotel

Next to the Novotel Peace Hotel is the Taiwan hotel.  This is a slightly older, more Chinese styled place offering slightly lower prices and larger rooms.  Breakfast buffet great, good location. (make reservation ...)

Convenient for:  Wangfujing Street

Other hotels in Beijing

You can search for other hotels which are available for booking online here.

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